Warhammer: Vermintide 2 — Winds of Magic PS4 Bound This December

Fans of slamming, slicing, and otherwise separating the rat-like Skaven race from their limbs can rejoice with the news that a Warhammer: Vermintide 2 — Winds of Magic PS4 release is inbound. This inaugural expansion has been available on PC via Steam for a while already, but now console players will be able to further immerse themselves in the iconic Games Workshop universe starting in December.

Winds of Magic will introduce a new enemy faction to the world of Vermintide 2 alongside additional new challenges. When a meteor collides with Reikland, Beastmen capitalize on the opportunity to venture out from their homes deep within the Reikwald forest and wreak havoc. They do so in aid of charging to the epicenter, where the clan hopes to claim the fallen meteor as a new “Herdstone.”

That wouldn’t be a good thing, so it falls to you and your brave band of fellow heroes (be they controlled by A.I. or additional players in co-op) to prevent disaster from falling upon the entire Empire. Unfortunately, however, it appears as though disaster might’ve already befallen the PC release of Winds of Magic.

User reviews for the expansion average out at “Mostly Negative” and as a result stand as opposed to the positive reviews for the base game. It’s widely considered that the Vermintide sequel is of greater quality than the middling original, though user reception seems to indicate that Winds of Magic made a backward step on the whole. It is also worth noting that with a Metacritic average of 67, professional reviews were much kinder to the first major DLC package.

Hopefully during the delay in bringing this new content to consoles developer Fatshark has been taking feedback on board and implementing some changes. We’ll find out when Warhammer: Vermintide 2 — Winds of Magic reaches PS4 and Xbox One on a currently unspecified December 2019 date.