Gear Up With a Replica of Borderlands 3’s ECHO Device Prop

Want to bring home a little piece of Borderlands 3? You certainly can do so in just a few months, thanks to Chronicle Collectibles’ release of the ECHO Device Prop Replica. It’s exactly what the name of the product suggests and is based on the 3D model from the game. Care has been taken to make it look like it has seen years of wear and tear, and one space on the prop even features a note from Marcus Kincaid, owner of the weapons vending machines that everyone knows and loves. The device costs $99.99 and will begin shipping on an unspecified date in Q1 2020. Preorders for the replica are currently live on Chronicle Collectbles’ website.

This nifty collectible also works as more than just a mere look alike. It features a few neat bells and whistles, too. For instance, the ECHO Device includes sound effects and backlit lights, truly selling its authentic look. The device’s list of features are presented below:

  • Battery powered lights and sound effects used from Gearbox Software’s game assets
  • Extendable antenna
  • Swap out backlit graphics screen

Get a closer look at the ECHO device replica from Chronicle Collectibles in the following image gallery:

Borderlands 3 hit stores for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms last month. It didn’t take long for the title to become a meteoric success. In only five days on the market, the franchise’s third mainline entry sold through five million copies worldwide. Such accomplishments turned the Borderlands series as a whole into 2K’s second billion-dollar franchise, an incredibly impressive feat no doubt.

[Source: Chronicle Collectibles via The Toyark]