Crossout Halloween Event

Crossout Halloween Event Lets You Hunt Down Witches With Your Car

If there’s one genre that really benefits from Halloween events, it’s MMOs. Crossout is joining the crowd in offering another Halloween event, this time having you participate in a special game mode called “Witch Hunt” that will award you with candy so you can trick your car out with some Mexican Day of the Dead-styled items such as guitars or images of Quetzalcoatl. You have until November 6th, 2019 to participate in this event, so if you’re hoping to get the good stuff, now’s the time to try it out.

So how do you play Witch Hunt? Well, the idea is simple. Every player starts with the same pre-assembled vehicle that has no weapons, but plenty of boosters. While you may not be able to shoot other players, you can ram them. On the map is a “festive balloon” that each player wants to grab. The goal is to hang onto the balloon for the longest amount of time. However, getting rammed will cause you to drop the balloon, so you always need to be on the move. As you play, the map will be littered with skulls that you can pick up. These skulls can offer either a trick, in the form of negative debuffs like slowing you down or planting a timebomb on the vehicle, or a treat, which can give you weapons or make you impossible to kill. It certainly should provide a good bit of Halloween fun.

In addition to the new game mode, there’s also a new Day of the Dead pack being sold for the price of $15.99. This pack contains a pre-built car known as the Stalker, which is a heavy armored truck that features a very strong machine gun mounted on its roof. Additionally, you’ll get a unique character portrait, several of the Stalker’s rare and unique parts to use in building other cars, and 1500 coins to spend in-game as you wish.

If you’re not that interested in Crossout‘s Halloween event, have no fear, as many other games are running events. From single-player games like Code Vein to multiplayer shooters such as Rainbow Six Siege and even other MMOs like Fallout 76. If you want to get into the Halloween spirit, there’s plenty of choices to do so with.