crossout update

Latest Crossout Update Adds New Factions, Weapons, and More

Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment have announced a brand new update to the post-apocalyptic action MMO Crossout. The update – officially the 0.9.0 version of the game – adds a new faction, new parts, features, and plenty of new weaponry for players to check out in the game, as including big changes to the AI enemies.

The newest faction to the game – its seventh in total – are the Firestarters. Allying with this group of fire-worshipping madmen will reward players with new vehicle parts that can turn any battlefield into a scorched wasteland. Items like incendiary bombs, a kamikaze cabin, and a “meat grinder turned wheels” are just a handful of new tools players will be able to experience. Also included in the update is the incinerator, a catapult capable of launching gasoline-filled projectiles that set entire areas ablaze.

With that in mind, players will be able to take down large groups of enemies from far away before they’re able to even get close to you. A new ‘Fortune’ launcher is also included in the update, which fires burning wheels in bursts of three that roll towards enemies and detonate on impact. For a more in-depth look at what’s coming to the update, check out a description of it below:

Other changes to Crossout include an increased maximum battle time in PvP from 3 to 5 minutes for players that have achieved level 10. Additionally, the time required to capture objectives was increased by 50%, giving players the chance to apply more tactically diverse solutions in combat and fully use all the varying capabilities of their vehicles.

Crossout is available now.