Tekken 7 Update 3.03 Nerfs Akuma, Improves Zafina’s Attack Animations

Tekken 7‘s latest update 3.03 is now live, balancing numerous characters including the long-awaited Akuma nerf. Fans have been requesting a nerf to this character for quite some time now, specifically due to the rate at which his Super Combo Gauge would fill. The update also features changes (both buffs and nerfs) to Zafina, Dragonov, Shaheen, and The Walking Dead’s Negan. Many of these changes are frame-specific or minor damage changes to various attacks.

The support for Tekken 7 keeps coming, as Bandai Namco continues to listen to fan feedback and implement changes. And after the game has reached an impressive 4 million copies sold, we’ll likely keep seeing content added until the next installment. Below, you can see a tweet from Tekken 7 game designer Michael Murray, in which he details the contents of the latest patch.

Here’s a list of each character’s fixes as part of update 3.03:


Back + 1, (during hit) 1 + 2

• Increased the distance at which you can shift to a throw after hitting an airborne opponent.

• Increased the input window for 1 + 2 by 2 frames.

(While rising) 1, 2

• Changed the damage from 15 to 18.

• Shortened the recovery time after the move misses or hits by 2 frames.

(While rising) 4

• Shortened the recovery animation by 2 frames.

• Changed the opponent’s behavior when hit, increasing their recovery time by 3 frames. This changes the frame advantage from -9 frames to -7 frames when blocked, and +2 frames to +7 frames when the move lands.


(While rising) 1, 3

• Changed the damage from 12, 20 to 11, 17.


(During Stealth Step) 4

• Changed the damage from 17 to 14.


Super Combo Gauge

• Decreased the amount the Super Combo Gauge is filled by 25%.


Down-back + 2

• Shortened the recovery time by 1 frame when the move is blocked or misses. This changes the frame advantage when blocked from -15 frames to -14 frames.

What do you think of these changes? Are there any others you’d like to see implemented? Let us know!

[Source: Twitter, Eventhubs]