Warframe: The Old Blood Expansion Adds Relentless Immortal Enemies and a New Warframe

The scariest moment I had in a video game in 2019 was when Mr. X barged into a room and began to follow me, and I realized I had no way to fight back. While this is an experience that you usually see in a single-player adventure, Warframe is bringing its own version of the immortal stalker horror show in the newest expansion, Warframe: The Old Blood. The update also adds a whole new enemy-devouring Warframe to the game, as well as a few other tweaks and additions for players to enjoy, like a vampire cat to adopt.

The main feature comes in the form of the Kuva Lich, an all-new enemy type that doesn’t quite die but becomes stronger with each defeat. You can get a Kuva Lich in your game by finding and killing a Grineer soldier infected with Kuva. Once you do that, they’ll be reborn as a Kuva Lich, getting new weapons, armor, troops, and even access to the ability you used to kill them.

Each time you kill them, they become stronger. They get a name, a personality, strengths and weaknesses, and more. You’ll get to learn more about this Lich as you kill them again and again, making them a personalized rival for your player character. You can eventually finish them off for good, but doing so means learning the correct order of special Requiem Murmurs by killing the Lich’s thralls and experimenting. Once you defeat a Lich you get a choice. You can vanquish the Lich for good, giving you a special item, or you can convert the Lich to your side and it will join you as an AI companion.

Additionally, there’s a new Warframe available to play as. Named Grendel, this Warframe appears to be a loose interpretation of Grendel the devourer from the Beowulf folklore. Of course, that means they like to eat things, naturally, and that includes enemies. Many of Grendel’s abilities are based on consuming enemies and then either swallowing them to heal and provide a buff for allies or spitting them out as a toxic projectile. Eventually, this gives Grendel enough strength to curl into a ball and just slam right through foes.

This update also includes further revamps to the game’s melee combat system, allowing players to perform air juggles and manual blocking. You can also adopt a vampire cat, the kind of thing I expect a robot space ninja to have as a pet.

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[source: PlayStation Blog]