Battleborn Shutting Down in 2021, Will No Longer be Playable at All

Confusingly-genred FPS psuedo-MOBA but not-quite-a-MOBA Battleborn is shutting down. If you’ve got Trophy cleanup, nostalgic reasons, or stubborn friends who enjoy the game, you better get some sessions in now (or over the next year), as the game will be completely unplayable by January 2021. As one may expect, this shutdown hits the game’s multiplayer mode. However, according to a short FAQ that 2K Games put out, this will also include both peer-to-peer games and single-player modes such as the campaign. Simply, Battleborn will no longer be playable in any way.

Like many games that shut down, this will be a multi-step process, with two major steps. The first will be on February 24th, 2020. On that date the game’s premium currency, Platinum, will no longer be available for purchase. After that, there are no plans to make any further changes to the game. You can still play any mode and spend any Platinum that you had bought or earned, and even earn some Platinum by playing the game. Once January 2021 rolls around, however, the game will shut down completely and no longer be playable.

The writing has been on the wall for quite some time. Battleborn‘s final major update was back in 2017 when Borderlands-themed skins were added to the game. However, even before that, it was pretty well known that Battleborn wasn’t exactly selling well. While we may have ultimately given it a positive review, the truth was that Battleborn picked a fight with Overwatch that it never had a hope of winning. Despite this, Gearbox always had a positive outlook on the game and even said a major reason for Borderlands 3‘s high quality is because of the time spent on Battleborn. So godspeed you wacky tower defense first-person shooter MOBA RPG hybrid thing. We hardly knew ya.

[Source: 2K Games]