Destiny 2 Season of dawn reveal stream

Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Being Revealed Early December, Along With a Patch Notes Preview

As Destiny 2’s Season of the Undying winds down, questions have started to arise about what’s coming up on December 10 when the Season ends. Though we’re headed into a holiday here in the US this week, Bungie’s promised to return next week with a full Season of Dawn reveal on December 4, just under a week before the new Season goes live. The reveal will be presented via live stream on Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube at 10 am PST.

With just six days between the reveal and Season of the Dawn, this is one of the shortest windows we’ve had into the future of Destiny 2 content. Considering Bungie’s focus on a new evolving world and a narrative that progresses with the Seasons, the quick timeframe is likely to avoid spoilers as to how the story will progress. Right now Eris has discovered an ancient Pyramid ship beneath the surface of the Moon, Nightmares stalk the solar system, we’re getting whispered at by an artifact connected to the Black Garden (that we got after invading the Pyramid ship), and the Vex have been invading this timeline. We’re on the offensive now, however, seeking out the Undying Mind and pulling it from millions of different timelines in order to eliminate it once and for all. How that action leads into Season of Dawn will soon be revealed.

We know for certain that a few things will be going away at the end of this Season. The current Seasonal Artifact (the Gate Lord’s Eye) will be replaced by a new one. Bonus Power connected to the Artifact will be reset. And the Vex Offensive activity (and Vex public events on the Moon) will be replaced by whatever Season of Dawn’s new event is. We also know from Bungie’s Shadowkeep ViDoc that the theme of Season of Dawn is “Fix the timeline,” whatever that means. There’s been a lot of speculation about what it could entail, from the return of Osiris (and Trials) to meeting up with Saint-14, and even some people thinking we undo events like Cayde’s death (not going to happen, sorry).

In our review for Season of the Undying, we noted that one of the biggest issues with it was Bungie spelling out everything on a calendar of events, which removed much of the surprise and discovery from things like the added Dungeon, and made the Vex Offensive’s Final Assault a big letdown when it didn’t meet the expectations precipitated by it being a part of the calendar. We’ll see just how much the Season of Dawn reveal stream next Wednesday shows off and how much Bungie keeps under wraps.

In addition to revealing Season of Dawn, Bungie also promised a preview of Destiny 2 update 2.7.0’s patch notes, including a tease about a quality-of-life change to Escalation Protocol armor. We also know this update will nerf both the One-Eyed Mask Exotic helmet and Recluse submachine gun and buff the underperforming Xenophage. It will also be reworking a number of the game’s Solar subclasses to help each specific tree lean more into specific player fantasies. The full patch notes will be available after maintenance concludes on December 10 and the Season of Dawn goes live.

[Source: Bungie]