Get the Anime-Inspired Chikara Car With Rocket Pass 5 in Rocket League This December

Rocket League’s Rocket Pass 5 is coming in hot, so get ready to earn a ton of new items and partake in new challenges starting on December 4, 2019. The new season begins alongside the game’s Blueprint update, giving players a more user-friendly monetization system. Rocket Pass 5 will allow you to unlock 70 Tiers of new items like the Holosphere Wheels, Metallograph Animated Decal, and three new Goal Explosions. And if you surpass Tier 70, you’ll continue to unlock Special Edition versions of select items.

But that’s not all. Rocket Pass 5 will see the addition of new Weekly Challenges that will let you climb the ranks of the Pro Tiers. And much like Rocket Pass 4, you’ll be able to complete Challenges from previous weeks, to maximize your earnings without needing to worry about missing out.

One of the Rocket Pass’s highlights is the new anime-inspired Chikara car, which you can get as soon as you upgrade to Rocket Pass Premium. At varying intervals (tier 34 and tier 70) you’ll be able to unlock additional versions of the Chikara. You can check them all out in the wild Rocket Pass 5 anime trailer below:

Upgrading to Rocket Pass Premium will cost 1000 in-game credits (or $9.99). Players who want more can also buy the Premium bundle, which comes with a 12-Tier Boost for 2000 credits. Remember, on December 4th, credits will be replacing keys, and any keys left in your inventory will be converted to credits that day. Each key will convert to 100 credits.

Following criticism of its Loot Crate system, which disallowed buyers to know for sure what they’d be getting, the new Blueprint system aims to be more consumer-friendly. Players will now be able to see what each Blueprint will get them ahead of time in a much more transparent way than before.

And don’t forget, Rocket League is getting lots of new winter and holiday-themed content, like new festive customization options, Frosty Fest 2019, and vehicles to set the mood for this special time of year.

[Source: Psyonix]