Persona 5 Royal’s Western Launch Date May Have Leaked via PlayStation Store Listings

Tomorrow, Atlus plans to unleash new details about Persona 5 Royal’s Western release. What specifically the company has on the cards remains under wraps. However, all signs point to the title’s Western launch date finally receiving a reveal. If that is indeed the case, the developers may have just had the rug pulled out from under them. According to a couple of PlayStation Store listings, Persona 5 Royal could come westward as early as February 2020.

The two listings appear on PlayStation’s Indonesia and Taiwan digital storefronts. Both suggest the “English/Chinese Ver.” of Persona 5 Royal are slated to land on February 20th. See a screenshot of the Taiwanese listing down below:

persona 5 royal western release date

For now, of course, there exists no surefire way of knowing the veracity of the PlayStation Store posts. Indeed, there are myriad reasons to have doubts. For one, the English version potentially releasing in one part of the world does not guarantee its launch in Western territories on the same exact day. Staggered worldwide releases are quite common, after all. Furthermore, February 20th happens to be a Thursday. This raises red flags itself, given that games typically hit stores on either Tuesdays or Fridays. Therefore, fans shouldn’t mark their calendars just yet.

Persona 5 Royal represents an enhanced version of the original Persona 5. In addition to the content that fans already know and love, new content also features in the experience. Most notably, a new character has joined the adventure, Kasumi. Apparently, she doesn’t make things any easier for the Phantom Thieves.

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