Persona 5 Royal Release Date

Persona 5 Royal Western Release Might Be Revealed Next Month

In the most Atlus way possible, a special Persona 5 Royal announcement is scheduled to be made next month. As mentioned by the publisher’s official Twitter account, in 12 days a “P5R announcement” will be made; that’s December 3, 2019, to be more specific. Accompanying the tweet is an image that reads “to all the Phantom Thieves in the making in the West: You have 12 days until we expose the truth of Persona 5 Royal once and for all,” which makes it pretty obvious that this announcement is regarding the Western release of the game.

Check the tweet for yourself:

If you visit the official Persona 5 Royal website, a timer can be found counting down the days until December 3rd, with text that reads “the truth will be revealed.” While it’s not 100% certain what this will be, the most logical explanation is an official Western release date, though the community is expressing the usual wishes for a Nintendo Switch port. From what we know so far, Royal is supposed to release for PS4 in the West sometime in spring 2020.

Persona 5 Royal is a definitive version of Persona 5, with added features like new missions, characters, and improvements to the gameplay. The game is already out in Japan and is now going through the localization process to bring it westward. Only time will tell how its commercial reception will stack up to the 2.5 million sales of the original Persona 5.

Altogether, the Persona series has done well, reaching over 10 million copies sold across multiple iterations and platforms. It recently found success in the West after the 2012 Vita release of Persona 4: Golden, an enhanced version of the PS2 original, not unlike the jump between Persona 5 and Royal.