Persona 5 Royal

As Persona 5 Royal Goes Gold, Sony Says the Series Is Important to PlayStation

Sony Interactive Entertainment said at the recent Persona 5 RoyalRoyal Experience’ event that the Atlus series holds a lot of importance for PlayStation platforms.

Fan site Persona Central reports that while celebrating the upcoming title’s gold status, SIE Japan Asia president Atsushi Morita said that Persona is “one of the Japanese IPs that can compete internationally.”

“The IP has walked alongside PlayStation ever since the first entry in 1996,” he added. “I hope that we can continue walking together in the future.”

Elsewhere during the event, Atlus director Naoto Hiraoka reflected upon the past three years since Persona 5‘s release, and thanked fans for their support in helping the game win numerous awards. Composer Shoji Meguro expressed his confidence in Persona 5 Royal, stating that the game’s development staff includes young and enthusiastic developers. He also said that he was honored to be involved with the series for quite some time and was excited about the future.

Last but not least, Sega Holdings’ president and chief operating officer Hideki Okamura praised Atlus as a studio and said that its work is unique and original. The company is pleased with Persona 5‘s sales performance at home and abroad, as well as the series’ overall performance.

Since its first release 23 years ago, the Persona franchise has sold 10 million copies worldwide. 2.7 million of this figure is attributed to the critically-acclaimed Persona 5.

Persona 5 Royal will launch in the West in Spring 2020. Expect more details during the Tokyo Game Show 2019, which will kick off on September 12th.

[Source: Persona Central]