Death Stranding Patch Will Prevent Players From Griefing One Another With Vehicles

Hideo Kojima’s latest title, Death Stranding, might be about forging connections but it is not immune from ways for players to grief other porters. One prominent griefing “strategy” involves blocking other players’ paths with vehicles and can happen both maliciously and unintentionally, depending on where players abandon their unused trucks and motorbikes. This issue was causing lots of problems, even preventing some from being able to advance through the story. Fortunately, Kojima Productions will be issuing a patch for this sometime in mid-December.

The patch will allow you to delete vehicles left by other players, some of which were carefully placed in spots that could prevent the ability to progress through the game and make necessary deliveries. In Death Stranding, you can interact with other players asynchronously, helping each other with the use of structures and vehicles that make the game world feel well-traveled.

Evidently, the issue was bad enough to warrant a patch from the developer, as noted by a tweet from Kojima Productions. This was one of the “most common requests” from players, but thankfully, you won’t have to deal with it for much longer.

Vehicles are designed to help players across the shared world, not halt progress. For example, coming across a vehicle while on a delivery can be a monumental life-saver, making it easier to get to your destination unscathed. As such, this griefing issue is the exact antithesis of the purpose of vehicles in the first place.

Death Stranding has gotten a handful of patches since launch, but most of the updates have focused on minor enhancements like stability improvements. December’s update will not only allow you to delete individual vehicles, but it will also give you the option to increase the text size.

Have you been blocked by other players’ vehicles in Death Stranding?

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