Media Molecule Celebrates PlayStation 25th Anniversary in Dreams

All day, fans and those directly involved with the gaming industry have been celebrating PlayStation’s 25th anniversary. Media Molecule, being Media Molecule, chose to create something extra special for the occasion. The developer shared a brief video, which sees a character from Dreams receive a “90s-era polygonal makeover.” The character quickly traverses a couple of levels before finally making its way to a massive PlayStation 1 console, where it then pops in a memory card.

See the video in the following Tweet from PlayStation below:

Media Molecule’s Community Manager, Tom Dent, also shared the celebratory video in a PlayStation Blog post. The post primarily recalls PlayStation classics of old, reminding everyone of the PS1 library’s rich catalog of incredible titles.

Fans can also recollect on PlayStation history thanks to Game Informer. Earlier today, the publication announced that the magazine’s January 2020 issue features PlayStation as the cover story. The 24-page spread chronicles the Sony brand’s quarter-century history, from the PS1’s conception to the PS4’s current reign on the market. Because the topic is timely, Game Informer has already shared the article online. Within the lengthy piece are exclusive interviews from many of the brand’s most important figures, including Mark Cerny, Shuhei Yoshida, and Ken Kutaragi.

PlayStation’s 25th anniversary also came with news of an impressive record-breaking feat. Guinness World Records has recognized PlayStation as the world’s best-selling home console brand, with 450 million units sold across the PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4 platforms.

Dreams is in Early Access now on the PlayStation 4. The title still lacks an official launch date for its full release. However, a supposed leak from a UK retailer suggests it may hit stores as early as Valentine’s Day 2020.

[Source: PlayStation Blog, Twitter]