Bluepoint’s Upcoming PS5 Game Will Become Achievement the Studio is ‘Most Proud Of’

Even before the release of Shadow of the Colossus remake for PS4 in 2018, developer Bluepoint Games had garnered a reputation for being a top-notch studio, handling remasters and remakes of classics with care and passion. And the best is yet to come, as the team continues work on its upcoming project(s). We still don’t know what game(s) the developer is working on, but various clues from the developer have confirmed this: It’s a remake/reimagining of a classic that will launch for the PS5, and it will be a “big one.” In a recent interview, Bluepoint Games also referred to its upcoming game as its proudest achievement.

Bluepoint’s president Marco Thrush explained:

We [Bluepoint Games] originally remastered Shadow of the Colossus for the PS3 and then remade it for the PS4. It’s the only one we’ve touched twice and to date it is our greatest achievement, so it’s easy to say that is our personal favorite. However, there’s no question in our minds that our current project will become the achievement we’re most proud of.

But what is the studio working on? Some rumors point to a Demon’s Souls remake, while others suggest a Legend of Dragoon project could be in the works, but it could just as easily be anything else. Bluepoint isn’t really talking much, but the developer has not been shy about laying out the teases online, most notably with a couple of poems recently tweeted out to celebrate a couple of holidays, possibly hinting at not one, but two projects in development. Or maybe they’re just poems celebrating the holidays.

The poem tweeted on Halloween of 2019 contains hints towards many beloved PlayStation games like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Resistance, Twisted Metal, Syphon Filter, Demon’s/Dark Souls, and Metal Gear Solid. However, this could also be the developer’s way of teasing fans regarding the many, many theories behind what game it’s working on.

[Source: Segment Next]