Report: Vanquish and Bayonetta Remasters Seemingly Leaked on Online Storefront

Ask someone about underrated games of the PS3 era and PlatinumGames’ Bayonetta and Vanquish are likely to receive mention. Fans of Vanquish, the now cult shooter, have eagerly awaited the franchise’s potential return for years. If a Microsoft Store listing is anything to go by, the wait may soon come to an end. In fact, a remaster of the title could hit stores as early as February 2020. The same may be true of Bayonetta, as well.

On the Microsoft Store, a Vanquish remaster is listed with a February 18, 2020 release date. The title’s brief description notes that the “hit sci-fi shooter returns.” All in all, this seems legitimate. And it stands to reason this release will make its way to the PlayStation 4, though nothing outright suggests as much just yet.

See screenshots of Vanquish’s Microsoft Store listing below:

vanquish bayonetta bundle

vanquish bayonetta bundle

As far as Bayonetta is concerned, TrueAchievements has reported that a Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle appears on the Microsoft Store. It, too, will reportedly launch early next year on February 18th. The bundle is listed as a “remastered dual-pack,” expected to achieve 4K graphics and 60fps on the Xbox One X. Like the Vanquish remaster, there’s currently no hint as to whether this same bundle will see the light of day on the PlayStation 4. However, in 2017, PS4 ports for both experiences appeared on a Czech retailer’s website.

Though Bayonetta seemed sidelined for a time, it received a second chance several years ago with a sequel on WiiU. The sequel has since released on the Nintendo Switch. In addition, a third entry is currently in development. Does a potential remaster of the original title on other platforms mean similar treatment is on the cards for the sequels? For now, there seems no way of knowing for sure.

Vanquish, on the other hand, represents another matter entirely. Its first and only installment hit store shelves early last generation in May of 2007. Apart from a few rumblings here and there, the Microsoft Store listings serve as the first true signs of the 3D shooter’s eventual comeback.

Who knows, maybe SEGA plans to announce both releases at The Game Awards on December 12th?

[Source: Microsoft Store, TrueAchievements via Gematsu]