Someone Made (Silent Hills) P.T. in LEGO Form, Creepy Lisa Ghost and All

It’s been over five years since Konami released the free P.T. (playable teaser) for PS4, a game that was later revealed to be a psuedo-announcement for Silent Hills. Plans for the horror sequel was eventually canceled due to a dispute between Konami and director Hideo Kojima (which would eventually lead to his independence and Death Stranding), and P.T. was removed from the PlayStation Store. But that doesn’t mean the free demo’s legacy doesn’t live on. A YouTuber known as Crèmekoek recently recreated the game’s famous hallway in LEGO form, complete with a creepy clay doll version of Lisa, the P.T. ghost

You can check out the video below, but careful not to get too spooked:

The YouTuber filmed the video with a GoPro Hero 4 and the sound effects are taken directly from the game itself, giving a creepy sense of atmosphere to the already spooky hallway. He also included images of Death Stranding throughout the hallway in the picture frames as a kind of homage to Hideo Kojima’s most recent game. Death Stranding star Norman Reedus was also set to star in Silent Hills, revealed when players finally completed the P.T. demo.

It’s unlikely that Silent Hills, the game that P.T. was ultimately teasing, will ever see the light of day since it was canceled after Kojima left Konami. The demo was a brilliant experiment in announcing a new game. It featured some extremely nuanced puzzles that practically required its users to take to social media or forums as a community to discuss what to do to advance.

P.T. is also near-impossible to acquire now. It was pulled from the PlayStation Store and even if you had redeemed it in the store, you’re unable to redownload it if you deleted it. Only those who still have it on their hard drives can access the demo. At the time of its removal from the PS Store, PS4s with P.T. installed onto the hard drive were going for collector’s prices on eBay.

With its official removal from the public sphere, P.T. will have to live on in various recreations like the one above or via fan remakes created for PC. Not all is lost, though. Kojima later went on to found his own studio, Kojima Productions, which recently developed Death Stranding, a game that has garnered a reputation for being unique and divisive. Death Stranding netted nine nominations at The Game Awards 2019, which is set to air on December 12, 2019.

[Source: YouTube]