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Sony Launches ‘Collaboration Series’ Campaign That Pairs Musicians With Its Tech, Games, and Movies

Sony has launched a new marketing campaign, called The Sony Collaboration Series, that brings together Sony Music Entertainment artists, the company’s movies, technology, and video games.

The campaign will feature “experimental projects,” the first of which is a collaboration featuring artist DDG and pro skater Neen Williams. In a press release, Sony said that the Collaboration Series is “part of an ongoing strategy to further highlight the ties between SME artists, Sony assets (including technology, gaming and film), and passionate fan communities.”

One of the campaign’s components will involve Media Molecule’s Dreams. Sony plans to task Dreams creators with designing a virtual live performance arena for SME artists. The art and imagery from the in-game creations will then be brought to life during real life music performances.

“Sony’s purpose is to ‘Fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology,'” said Vice President of Brand Communication, Midori Tomita. “We invite you to enjoy these unique experiences that only Sony can deliver by combining the power of SME’s artists with Sony’s technology and content.”

All the projects will be published on Sony’s global YouTube channel. A video featuring DDG and Neen Williams collaboration is already live.

According to the press release, future projects will also include a video showcasing Sony Xperia 1 being used to create an “explosive, action-packed” piece of content for the upcoming Bad Boys for Life movie that Sony Pictures Entertainment will release in 2020.

Sounds like a bit of a mishmash of Sony products but we’ll gladly check it out.