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Hermen Hulst Promises Sony Remains ‘Committed’ to Games That Emphasize Story and Character

For the last decade, Sony’s first party studios have continued to deliver exceptional games. They’re all unique in their own right. However, many of the most acclaimed projects have one thing in common–an emphasis on story and character. Apparently, that won’t change anytime soon, either. According to Sony Worldwide Studios’ recently appointed new Head, Hermen Hulst, the publisher remains “committed” to these types of games.

Hulst participated in an interview with for its “People of the Year 2019” series of articles. During the interview, the Head of Worldwide Studios briefly touched on the diversity of PlayStation’s catalogue of games. While the company is ready to “branch out” in search of new types of talent and experiences, it will continue to produce projects that pay special attention to the significance of story and character. With regards to the diversity of gaming experiences, Hulst told,

We’ve always worked in a world where changes happened fast–technically, but also creatively. This may very well be the golden age of gaming. There has never been this diversity of experiences–from massive AAA online games that explore future worlds, to deeply personal Indie projects that explore the human condition. As PlayStation, we need to provide a platform that includes all those different voices, all those different experiences.

He continued, adding that Sony’s “big, spectacular experiences” aren’t going anywhere. According to Hulst,

We are very committed to the types of games we’ve been making at Worldwide Studios for the last decade: big, spectacular experiences with story and characters at the core. We will keep making these games, because we love to make them. And as a brand we are eager to branch out and start including and curating a new generation of developers, that create new and different experiences for a new generation of gamers.

With PlayStation 5 just a year or so out from release, it’s only a matter of time before Sony begins unveiling what many of its first party studios will bring to the table next. Will the story-focused games Hulst mentions receive the spotlight as soon as next-generation rolls in? The wait to find out for certain, thankfully, isn’t a long one.