Upcoming VR Game Paper Beast Fuses Japanese Punk Rock With Ambient Electronic Music

Originally announced back in AprilPaper Beast is getting quite a bit closer to release. A showing during the recent State of Play made many aware of the game once again after flying under the radar. The game’s soundtrack will combine talents from several different sources to be just as unique as both the art style and gameplay plan to be.

The Paper Beast soundtrack is going to be a collaboration between two different and rather unique artists. One is Roly Porter, a British electronic artist who works on both personal music and movie soundtracks. His most recent album, which came out in 2016, was called Third Law and saw rather excellent critical review. He has another album set to come out sometime next year. The other artist working on Paper Beast is an all-female Japanese punk rock band named TsuShiMaMiRe. The band has been active for nearly 20 years since formation in 1999, releasing 11 studio albums in that time. While they’ve never been a huge hit in America, they still have a respectable following and occasionally tour in the United States.

So why these two groups specifically? Game Director Eric Chahi said that they each give a unique sound for the “dreamlike journey” in the game:

I wanted a sound that would translate the surreal, dreamlike journey that Paper Beast takes us on.

That’s why I wanted to work with Roly Porter – for the mystical, interstellar music he has created. The ambient music gives the Paper Beast universe sounds that are electro, metallic and lunar all at the same time. There is a lot of magnetism in his music.

In TsuShiMaMiRe we find a common energy that expresses the bizarre colorful side of Paper Beast. Their punk rock style expresses all the life of the creatures that inhabit this world, born of lost internet data. It’s a contrast that unites the games two themes: data and life.

If this sounds exactly like the kind of soundtrack you can rock out to, then the good news is that a vinyl will also be available. Set to release in the first quarter of 2020, the official Paper Beast soundtrack can be pre-ordered and will come with a unique piece of art signed by Eric Chahi.