Venture Through Paper Beast’s Surreal VR Odyssey on March 24th

Pixel Reef first spoke about Paper Beast for the PlayStation VR early last year. At the time, the surreal adventure had a late 2019 release window attached. Clearly, such a launch did not come to fruition. The VR title’s release is nearly upon us now, however. Paper Beast will make its way to Sony’s VR platform later this month on Tuesday, March 24th.

The game’s release date comes courtesy of a brand-new trailer, which runs just over a minute in length. Check it out in the video below from PlayStation’s official Twitter account:

Described as a “playful exploration game,” Pixel Reef’s Paper Beast takes place in a vibrant ecosystem, one nestled deep within a big data server. Decades of lost data and long-forgotten algorithms comprise the massive network of data. However, new life has emerged from it, giving way to Paper Beast.

In the upcoming virtual reality title, players will freely explore a vast mass of land, completely untouched by humanity. Within it rests a large and colorful ecosystem, populated by a wide variety of unique creatures and wildlife. Interestingly, every form of wildlife players encounter in Paper Beast is paper in nature, making for quite the intriguing experience. Last year, Game Designer Eric Chahi told PlayStation Blog this creative premise came from his toying around with physics in the Unity Engine.

[Source: PlayStation on Twitter]