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Here’s Every State of Play Announcement From December 10, 2019

If you were like me, you probably looked at the 6 am Pacific air time for today’s State of Play and decided to catch up on it when you were a little more awake. Perhaps you’d already run out the door for work or school and couldn’t watch the 20-minute announcement show. From a naughty goose to a redesigned Jill Valentine, here’s everything that was announced during today’s State of Play.

Every State of Play Announcement – December 10, 2019

Untitled Goose Game PS4 Release Date

Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game is headed to PS4 on December 17. We knew it would be coming soon, thanks to the Trophy list recently publishing on the servers, but this serves as official announcement that we can be the town nuisance on PS4 next week.

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Spellbreak is a New Battle Royale Game Coming to PS4 in 2020

Battle royale games are usually replete with guns and modern (or futuristic) tech, but what if we took the genre and stepped back into medieval fantasy? Looking like a combination of anime influences, Spellbreak pits players against one another with magic and spellcasting amongst ruined castles and medieval landscapes.

Dreams Release Date is February 14, 2020

dreams early access players

Yes, Dreams, the game that’s basically an easy-to-use game engine, has been out in early access for a while now, but that’s finally coming to a close. It looks like those Valentine’s Day leaks from retailers were true after all. The full release version of Dreams will be available on February 14, 2020. Thanks to the early access period, it will already be chock full of creations for players to dive into once they get their hands on it.

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Superliminal is Coming to PS4 in 2020

Superliminal is a crazy first-person puzzle game that uses perspective in unique ways. It’s already available on PC, but this State of Play confirmed that it’s headed to PS4 at an unspecified date next year.

Paper Beast Coming to PSVR Q1 2020

A unique VR experience that allows you to observe and manipulate the ecosystem of origami folded paper creatures, Paper Beast was already announced, but State of Play gave us a deeper look at the game’s sandbox mode and confirmed a release window of Q1 2020.

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC Release Date is January 23, 2020

kingdom hearts 3 re mind release date

The long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC release date is January 23, 2020. We got a new trailer for the DLC featuring an extended look at new playable characters and boss fights (and the return of Final Fantasy characters to Kingdom Hearts!). Preorders are open now for a couple of different editions of the DLC.

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Predator: Hunting Grounds Release Date is April 2020

Illfonic’s Predator game got a brand new trailer and a release date of April 24, 2020. The asymmetric multiplayer shooter pits four soldiers against one Predator to see which can dominate. Humans may have numbers on their side, but the Predator has superior technology and stealth that helps it kill.

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Babylon’s Fall Gets a Gameplay Trailer

Babylon’s Fall is the next PlatinumGames title, being published by Square Enix. The trailer gives us a look at the thrilling action that PlatinumGames is known for and promises more information about the game coming next summer.

Project Resistance is Resident Evil 3 Remake, Releasing April 3, 2020

resident evil 3 release date

Capcom revealed the “campaign mode” for Project Resistance, which ended up being the remake of Resident Evil 3. Project Resistance will come with Resident Evil 3 as the game’s multiplayer portion under the title Resident Evil: Resistance. Though Jill Valentine sports a redesigned look in Resident Evil 3 to better fit with some of the modern changes to the game, you can get the classic costume pack if you preorder.

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PlayStation 25th Anniversary Message From Ken Kutaragi

Ken Kutaragi is the father of PlayStation, and in honor of the PlayStation 25th anniversary back on December 3, he had a message to share on today’s State of Play. He thanks the developers, the journalists who have helped spread the word over the years, and the people who play.

Surprise Ghost of Tsushima Teaser, Longer Trailer at The Game Awards 2019

Sony had one final surprise: a Ghost of Tsushima teaser that ended quickly, saying “To be continued…” The State of Play confirmed that the full trailer will be shown at The Game Awards 2019 on Thursday, December 12.

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And that’s everything that was announced on today’s State of Play. Obviously the big announcement here was Resident Evil 3, which was unfortunately leaked a little early, kind of taking the wind out of the sails on that announcement, but it’s hard to expect much more when Sony is preparing to both reveal and launch the PS5 within the next year.

What was your favorite announcement from today’s State of Play?