Be the Predator in April 2020 When Predator: Hunting Grounds Lands on PS4

Illfonic unveiled Predator: Hunting Grounds during a State of Play broadcast earlier this year. It’s only fitting the asymmetrical multiplayer title’s release date emerges during the show’s last stream for 2019. Come April 24, 2020, PS4 players will get to try their hands at either being the Predator or taking the character down. On the same day, the experience will also become available to PC gamers via the Epic Games Store.

As is often the case, release date news for Predator: Hunting Grounds came courtesy of a brand-new trailer. See the title in action in the following video:

The good news doesn’t end there, either. Predator: Hunting Grounds‘ development team has also been sitting on the female Predator’s involvement. According to a PlayStation Blog post, she’s a warrior through and through, and nothing short of “agile, fast, and relentless.” In the trailer above, you can spot her with the Illfonic-created Yautja Bow. This powerful weapon deals a ridiculous amount of damage. Apparently, it can even pin enemies to walls. She’ll additionally have access to the Predator’s arsenal, which is replete with weapons such as the the Smart Disc and Combistick.

Fans who preorder the multiplayer title will gain access to two bonus in-game items. One is the ‘87 Predator Skin, which will equip the character with his classic look from the original film. Meanwhile, the second item is the “Ole Painless” mini-gun for Fireteam players who combat the Predator. See both pictured in the image below:

Predator Hunting Grounds release date

A Digital Deluxe Edition is slated to release as well, complete with numerous in-game bonuses. Those who purchase this version should anticipate PlayStation-themed Predator and Fireteam skins, a digital copy of Dark Horse Comics’ 120-page Predator: Hunters, and an exclusive PS4 Dynamic Theme. Everything included in the Digital Deluxe Edition features in the following image:

predator hunting grounds release date

[Source: PlayStation Blog]