Learn More About Fallout 76’s First Batch of NPC Characters

While we’re still some ways off from the Fallout 76‘s Wastelanders update, we did get to learn a bit more about what it will bring to the MMO. A post to Bethseda’s website gave us a look at Duchess and Mort, who are among the first NPCs the player will encounter in Fallout 76. At the start of the update, you’ll make your way to a town named The Wayward, one of the new settlements in the game where you can meet these NPC characters.

Duchess is the owner of The Wayward, and her goal is to give you a few drinks and a place to relax. Mort is a ghoul and her most loyal customer, always ready to participate in said drinks. Together, they fight crime. Or, rather, they hire you to fight crime for them. The duo has been getting harassed by a mysterious group of people. Neither of them is sure where they’re coming from or why they chose to bother The Wayward. Help these two out and there are bound to be some rewards. Mort is described as an expert in C.A.M.P. tools, so you may get away with some new additions to that portion of the game.

How do you find your way to The Wayward though? Well, should you visit the Vault, you’ll run into the first two NPCs that most players will meet: Lacey and Isela. These two settlers have been brought to the Appalachians for some mysterious reason and are looking for some assistance. Help them and in turn, they’ll bring you to The Wayward. There aren’t many details on their quest yet, but it sounds like they’ll be a way to introduce existing players to the new NPCs and also help newer players get started with the game.

In addition to all this fun, the Mystery Pick event will be starting up at the Purveyor’s shop. The event, which will start on December 24th, 2019, and run until the 31st, lets you exchange 60 legendary scrips for a mystery box that will contain a random 3-star legendary weapon. If you’re looking for something good, this is the box you want.

[Source: Bethesda]