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Final Fantasy VII Demo Thumbnail Leaked, Could be Coming to PS4 Soon

A demo for the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake might be coming to the PS4 if an alleged PS Store thumbnail leak is to be believed. Although such a demo has not been confirmed by Square Enix, the company has presented various playable builds of the game at press events, which could potentially become the source material for public release of a demo on the PS Store.

The listing—as noted by Gamstat, a site that tracks additions to the PlayStation Store—shows that the demo will come to America, Asia, Europe, and Japan. Gamstat’s latest additions page features many entries, all of which represented with official artwork as pulled directly from Sony. You can take a look at the Final Fantasy VII Remake listing thumbnail below, as reflected on Gamstat (Editor’s Note: The thumbnail has since been removed from Gamstat’s site, though the listing itself still remains):

This wouldn’t be the first time Square Enix has added a playable demo for a major upcoming game. The company featured demos for Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III, letting players try them out before buying. Final Fantasy VII Remake is, as the name suggests, a remake of the original 1997 Final Fantasy VII. The remake will build upon the foundation of the classic JRPG while adding modern touches and changing the battle experience to make it resonate in 2020.

Although the upcoming JRPG is titled Final Fantasy VII Remake, it only covers a portion of the original. It will feature the Midgar section, with future installments to cover the rest of the game once Cloud and the rest of the group leave Midgar. That Midgar portion, however, has been vastly expanded with additional depth and detail not present in the original game. It’s unclear how many chapters are in the works, but we do know Square Enix is already working on the next installment.

If we do get a Final Fantasy VII Remake demo, it would be a great way to hold fans over until the final release next year. You can also play a port of the 1997 original (Editor’s Note: Technically it’s a port of the 2012 update of the 1998 PC port of Final Fantasy VII, but semantics…) on PS4, which recently received an update to fix an annoying music glitch that plagued it for years.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is scheduled to release for PS4 on March 3, 2020.

[Source: Gamstat; Via: Siliconera]