Moons of Madness Delayed

Moons of Madness Console Release Delayed Until March to Optimize Game

If you’ve been waiting for upcoming first-person horror game Moons of Madness to hit PlayStation 4, then the latest news may put you on a moon of sadness. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release of Moons of Madness has been delayed until March 24th, 2020. Publisher Funcom said that the goal was to give developer Rock Pocket Games more time to optimize the game so it will run better on consoles.

This isn’t the first time it has seen delays. Moons of Madness was originally supposed to come out back in 2018 after its 2017 announcement. The game then got delayed a year before nabbing an October 22nd, 2019 release—at least, the PC version. The console version was supposed to follow a few months later with a January 21st, 2020 release, but this latest delay pushes it into March.

At least you can use the extra time to get caught up on the universe Moons of Madness takes place in. The game shares its world with urban fantasy MMO The Secret World, which in turn has several video game spin-offs including first-person horror game The Park, indie puzzle game The Black Watchman, and competitive multiplayer horror title Hide and Shriek. While no knowledge of any of those games will be required to play Moons of Madness, there’s quite a bit of lore worth exploring, and it should help players connect with the world just a bit better.

With or without this knowledge, Moons of Madness still seeks to provide a thrilling first-person cosmic horror literally set in the stars. You’ll be trapped in a space station when some sort of monster takes it over. Your goal? Find some way back to Earth while avoiding the monsters and what’s left of your former crew. For your cosmic horror fix, you can always try out Observation to hold you over.