Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Season Pass Leaks, Ubisoft Comments

It isn’t a Ubisfort game until something leaks. In this case, the Year 5 season pass for Rainbow Six: Siege has leaked onto the game’s subreddit. Posted by user “ignotusartifex”, the screenshot shows details on the new season pass. The details that can be seen are as follows:


The Y5 Pass grants access to a 1-year* VIP premium membership and associated rewards:

  • 6 Year 5 operators with 7-day early access
  • Exclusive customization items
  • 10% off in shop**
  • 5% Renown boost
  • 0.3% Alpha Pack Boost
  • 30% discount on Battle Pass purchase
  • 30% bonus Battle Points (not applied to Challenges or Acheivements)

*VIP Membership ends January 31, 2021

**10% discount only applies to purchases made with Renown or R6 [Credits]

Rainbow Six Seige Year 5

There are a couple of rather noticeable missing items from this pass. For starters, in past years, the pass would give players 600 points of R6 Credits—the in-game currency—to spend in the store, but this appears to not be the case in Year 5. This season pass will also allegedly only have six operators. The past few years the season passes each came with eight operators, so this is less than expected. We still don’t know the price of this year’s pass. It may cost less than the last few, and with development teams changing recently, support for Rainbow Six Siege may be beginning to wind down or at least change direction.

Ubisoft then decided to follow up the leak with a statement on the subreddit. Instead of remaining silent or making a silly joke, Ubisoft seems to confirm that the leaked screenshot is real, and follows up with some musings on it, talking about the reduction in overall content coming with it.

As our Game Director, Leroy Athanassoff stated, “We are investing our resources on building more features and systems that will impact every player in every match”.

The Year 5 Pass reflects this direction focused on features that benefit all players, not just those playing the newest Operators. It will lead to additional content for all players, such as free events, extensive reworks, and other core gameplay features. More details on why we are releasing six Operators in Year 5, as well as how that leads into Year 6 and beyond will be shared during the Six Invitational in February.

For right now, it looks like development resources are being spent on wider game updates rather than operators and paid content for the Season Pass, and it seems like we’ll learn more in February. In the meantime, you can see what yesterday’s update set out to fix.

[source: Reddit]