Dead or School PlayStation 4 Version Coming to the West This March

Most people who have the choice between being dead or being in school choose school. Not everyone gets that choice though, and such is the case in Dead or School. The 2.5D hack’n’slash RPG features a world where school doesn’t exist because zombies have taken over Japan. The game originally launched on PC back in June 2019, with a Japanese PlayStation 4 port following in August. Now that PlayStation 4 version is also coming to the West, leaked by a listing for it shows up on Amazon UK with a release date set for March 13th, 2020.

In Dead or School, players take on the role of a woman named Hisako who lives in the subway system under the city of Tokyo. After hearing about a mythical place known as “school” from her grandmother, and also getting a schoolgirl uniform, Hisako makes it her goal to destroy all the zombies of Tokyo, free the city, and go to school with all of her friends. The game features animated cutscenes that should help get you into the mood to kill zombies in Tokyo.

Hisako will have plenty of tools to kill zombies with. She’ll battle zombies in fast and frantic combat using everything from swords to flamethrowers. Materials for these weapons will be hidden all over Tokyo, and by finding these materials and saving survivors with special skills, you can craft these weapons to make taking on the undead hoard just a little bit easier.

The idea isn’t that different from the Onechanbara series of games, which features bikini-clad samurai fighting zombies in Japan. There’s also School Girl/Zombie Hunter, where school actually exists but also there are zombies.

[Source: Gematsu]