Kingpin: Reloaded Brings a ‘Quake II Engine Classic’ to Modern Consoles and PC

Developer Slipgate Ironworks is breathing new life into a “Quake II Engine classic,” Kingpin: Life of Crime. Later this year a remaster of the first-person shooter, entitled Kingpin: Reloaded, will come to the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One platforms. 3D Realms and Interplay are serving as the remaster’s publisher.

The following video is a teaser trailer for Kingpin: Reloaded:

Kingpin: Reloaded will feature a brand-new quest system, support for Ultrawide and 4K, and re-balanced gameplay mechanics. In addition, players will have the option to choose between two different modes–Classic and Enhanced. Both are pretty self-explanatory, but 3D Realms took to Twitter to share side-by-side comparison images. Check them out below:

kingpin reloaded announcement

kingpin reloaded announcement

Kingpin: Life of Crime originally launched in the summer of 1999. Developed by Xatrix Entertainment, the first-person shooter is likely best remembered for its stunning art deco style, which meshed well with its more modern setting. The crime-ridden Skidrow district of a big city served as the title’s backdrop, providing the perfect canvas for a revenge tale.

Beaten and bloodied is how the player character wakes up in Skidrow. This treatment is due to orders from one of the titular Kingpin’s lieutenants. As one would expect, the player character spends the rest of the game seeking revenge. Players will get to relive as much in Kingpin: Reloaded. Bringing down the Kingpin is no simple task, though.

As an immersive sim, the conversation system in Kingpin: Reloaded will reign supreme. After all, it’s how the player recruits other thugs to their cause, all in an effort to bring the Kingpin down. A hub-based mission structure represents another way players will be able to spread the main character’s influence.

According to the game’s Steam page description, the violence can get pretty intense. The damage dealt by upgradeable weapons won’t leave much to the imagination, especially considering the location-based damage system. As such, Slipgate Ironworks is implementing a “No Violence mode.”

[Source: 3D Realms on Twitter via Gematsu]