observer 2 teaser

Bloober Team’s Next Project is an Observer Sequel, According to Cryptic Teaser

Bloober Team, the studio behind Layers of Fear, is teasing its next project. Based on the teaser itself, psychological horror will once again serve as the team’s genre of choice. Science fiction will also rest at the experience’s core, courtesy of an apparent cyberpunk theme. An Observer sequel, then, appears the most obvious answer.

For now, details on the sequel are scarce. However, the below teaser video may offer a few hints as to what fans should expect from Bloober Team’s next outing.

As you can see, the 30-second clip plays on a loop, while binary code flashes at the top of the screen. One fan in the replies to the above Twitter post seems to have already figured out the code’s meaning. Apparently, it translates to something along the lines of, “Daniel, are you there?” In a subsequent response, Bloober Team confirmed the translation is correct. This suggests the Observer follow-up will again center on the first title’s protagonist, Detective Daniel Lazarski.

Observer originally launched back in August 2017. Similar to Layers of Fear before it, the game provided a harrowing psychological horror experience. Evidently, Bloober Team isn’t planning on abandoning the genre anytime soon. The studio’s last two releases, Layers of Fear 2 and Blair Witch, each took players on quite the terror-inducing ride. The latter hit the PlayStation 4 late last year after a brief period of Xbox console exclusivity, exploring the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland (and the mind of its protagonist) two years after the events of The Blair Witch Project.

[Source: Bloober Team on Twitter]