Layers of Fear: The Final Prologue DLC Puts You Behind the Camera

Bloober Team will release its free DLC chapter for the 2023 Layers of Fear game tomorrow, and it’s putting the player in the director’s chair to make a horror movie of their very own.

Layers upon Layers

The latest chapter in Layers of Fear awaits. Step into the Director’s seat as you seek to unravel the mysteries at the heart of a troubled Hollywood production.

As the film’s creator, you have the power to shape scenes to your liking. You’re in charge of making the ultimate horror flick – with violence, gore, and cosmic dread as your tools. Strive to complete your final masterpiece, even as the set around you devolves into chaos. Do you have what it takes to be great?

The Final Prologue will be available for free to all current Layers of Fear owners starting October 24, 2023- as a thank you on the eve of Bloober Team’s 15th anniversary. It can be accessed as a separate chapter within the base game’s menu.

The 2023 Layers of Fear takes the stories of Bloober Team’s two original Layers of Fear games and the Inheritance DLC to create a fresh game in Unreal Engine 5 with a new story set in a lighthouse that ties the events of all the stories together.

Bloober Team has become something of a force in modern horror gaming with the likes of Observer, Blair Witch, The Medium, and Layers of Fear cementing its place in recent years.

Its Silent Hill 2 remake is four years into development and is being made in collaboration with original Silent Hill creators such as Masahiro Ito. After being revealed last year, we’ve not heard much else about it since, but a set of achievements came up on Steam not too long ago, suggesting the game might not be too far off.

When it does arrive, it will be a timed PS5 exclusive.

Layers of Fear is available now on PS5.