Layers of Fear Is Getting a New Free DLC Chapter

Polish developer Bloober Team is celebrating its anniversary this month by providing a new DLC chapter for its 2023 reimagining of its hit psychological horror game Layers of Fear.

Layers of Fear DLC Chapter

Bloober Team, currently working on the Silent Hill 2 remake, confirmed the DLC would be free to all Layers of Fear owners on October 24, 2023.

The 2023 Layers of Fear takes the stories of Bloober Team’s two original Layers of Fear games and the Inheritance DLC to create a new game with a new story set in a lighthouse that ties the events of all the stories together.

Bloober team has built itself up as a force in modern horror gaming with the likes of Observer, Blair Witch, The Medium, and of course, Layers of Fear.

Its Silent Hill2 remake is currently four years into development and is being made in collaboration with original Silent Hill creators such as Masahiro Ito. After being revealed last year, we’ve not heard too much on it since, but a set of achievements came up on Steam recently, suggesting the game might not be too far off.

When it does arrive, it will be a timed PS5 exclusive.