Konami Promises it is Still ‘Considering Ways’ to Bring Back Silent Hill

After years of silence, rumors began circulating last week that Konami had plans on how to return Silent Hill to the forefront. Reportedly, the franchise’s return includes two different types of gaming experiences. However, the source of the original rumor recently stated they are unsure as to whether these plans are still in place. While Konami itself has yet to address the claims, the publisher is at least willing to give fans a nugget of hope. Nothing can be shared at present, but Konami promises it is “considering ways to provide the next Silent Hill.”

The publisher reportedly shared such a promise in a statement to PCGamesN. Konami’s message doesn’t offer much in the way of concrete details, unfortunately. Still, it’s good to know the series hasn’t completely been reduced to gambling machines. A representative from the company told PCGamesN the following, “We cannot share anything at this point, but we are listening to customer feedback and considering ways to provide the next title.”

Barring Pachinko machines, the Kojima-developed P.T. counts as Silent Hill’s last major outing (and even that was just a free demo/teaser for a game that never came to be). Thus, fans of the celebrated horror series have waited about five years, hoping for even an inkling of its triumphant return. The recent horror renaissance seems the perfect climate for a new adventure, too. For now, though, the jury’s still out on if and when Konami will take advantage.

Resident Evil represents one series capitalizing on horror’s resurgence. Following the incredible success of Resident Evil 2’s remake last year, Capcom is already gearing up for the rerelease of Resident Evil 3, which launches April 3rd.

[Source: PCGamesN]