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New Final Fantasy VII Remake Theme Song Accompanies Iconic Moments in New Trailer

Final Fantasy VII Remake may be delayed to April, but that’s not stopping Square Enix from keeping fans excited for what’s coming. The newest trailer gives us our best look yet at some of the game’s most iconic moments and characters, along with a few new ones, but the highlight is the all-new Final Fantasy VII Remake theme song “Hollow” that accompanies the new footage. Check out the trailer below. Be warned, however: The trailer could be described as quite spoiler heavy, including reveals of what characters look and sound like and narrative changes that have been made to accommodate this new take on the Midgar chapter of Final Fantasy VII.

The trailer opens with a young Cloud and Tifa in Nibelheim, him telling her that he wants to join SOLDIER and be like Sephiroth. Next are a few scenes with the Shin-Ra corporation’s hierarchy—Heidigger, Scarlet, Palmer, and others—followed by a bit of extended look at the Honey Bee Inn. In the original game, Cloud needed to visit the Honey Bee Inn to get the “Bikini Brief” or “Girl’s Lingerie” key item for the cross-dressing sequence where he is trying to fool Don Corneo and save Tifa. Now it appears that the Honey Bee Inn is the central location where Cloud will be transformed. “True beauty is an expression of the heart, a thing without shame, to which notions of gender don’t apply,” says the proprietor of the Inn as Cloud receives his makeover. This is followed by brief scenes of Cloud walking through Wall Market and the “bride selection” scene, giving us our best look at Don Corneo yet.

Next, we see a brand new character that wasn’t present in the original Final Fantasy VII, likely a new plot point to help expand the Midgar area’s story and justify that one segment being an entire game. The trailer is also our first (official) look at Red XIII—or Nanaki—and shows us how the scientist Hojo is manipulating things behind the scenes.

The latter half of the trailer transitions to gameplay and combat, showing off the Leviathan summon and more footage of the previously revealed Chocobo & Moogle summon. In what might be the biggest spoiler for the changes to the plot, the trailer also shows off extensive footage of Jenova and Sephiroth, who didn’t have significant appearances in Midgar in the original game.

Square Enix also released a behind the scenes trailer going into the creation of the new theme. It’s all in Japanese, so those who only speak English will need to turn on the YouTube closed captions.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is only the first part of a multi-part saga that will cover the entirety of Final Fantasy VII’s story, expanding on plot points that were only briefly passed over in the original game. Allegedly, this first game concludes when the party escapes Midgar, but it’s not clear exactly where the game’s credits will roll. Will they make it to Kalm? The Chocobo Ranch? All the way to Junon? We also don’t know exactly how Square Enix plans to handle the release of subsequent parts, including if saves and progress will carry over from the first game. All we know for certain right now is that the studio is hard at work on the second part, and we can expect additional details on the continuation of the saga once Final Fantasy VII Remake releases.

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