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Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Datamined, New Character Images, Plot-Changes Spoiled (Spoiler-Free Article)

If you’re excited for the Final Fantasy VII Remake then it’s time to start avoiding the internet. The upcoming demo (you know, the one that hasn’t even been officially acknowledged yet, despite several leaks proving its existence?) has been datamined by hackers, with several important plot points and scenes making it into the wild. The original dataminer has deleted his tweets, but the ResetEra thread linked in the source still contains everything that was found. We’re going to attempt to remain as spoiler-free as possible while talking about this, especially when it comes to plot changes, however, if you haven’t played the original game, we’ll be talking about some commonly discussed parts of Final Fantasy VII here. At least you’ll have a demo soon to tide you over, apparently (can you just come out and confirm this already Square Enix?).

The datamined content mostly consists of unfinished images that are attached to the demo’s game files showing multiple scenes from the game, including what appears to be the ending (if the game does indeed end just as the group leaves Midgar). The most talked-about moment from Final Fantasy VII often comes back to the question of how the Remake will handle the infamous cross-dressing Cloud quest, where he must dress up as a female to enter Don Corneo’s mansion. The trailers have been playing coy with this scene, as it’s one of the more memorable, and goofy, moments from the game. Many of the leaked images are from the climax of this quest, though again, these images are unfinished so the models and lighting look quite awkward, as well as numerous stand-in model dummies for characters.

There are also images of yet unseen characters, such as the mad scientist Hojo and the honorable animal companion Red XIII (Nanaki). Looking at them is a little less spoilery, if only because we knew they’d be in the game anyway, but Square Enix had obviously intended to hold their reveals until later, if not keep them under wraps entirely until the game launched.

The ResetEra thread with all the datamined images is in the link below, if you really want to look at them yourself. Just be warned that there are some spoilers there, ranging from minor things we haven’t seen yet to some pretty significant plot changes. Enter at your own risk. And if you do decide to check out the spoilers yourself, be kind and don’t spoil it for anyone else.

The wait for Final Fantasy VII Remake is almost over. The game will be launching on March 3rd, 2020.

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