Astral Chain Heading to PS4 and Other Platforms is ‘Too Early to Say,’ According to PlatinumGames

PlatinumGames has made a name for itself with weird quirky action games like MadWorld and the recently revitalized Wonderful 101. Last year, the company released Astral Chain for the Nintendo Switch and it received high praise for its stylized action and combat, leading many PS4 users to ask if it would be headed to Sony’s console. At the time, PlatinumGames developer Kamiya Hideki hinted that it wouldn’t be likely, but today head of studio Atsushi Inaba seemed slightly more optimistic about the prospect, though admitted that it’s half-owned by Nintendo and it’s their call.

In speaking with Video Games Chronicle, Inaba said:

In the case of Astral Chain, it’s an IP that’s owned half by Platinum and half by Nintendo. So right now it just came out and it’s too early to say. For the time being we’re just hoping that it’s a success for the Nintendo Switch and we’ll see how it goes from there.

Ultimately it’s Nintendo’s call, not ours. They own the publishing rights to Astral Chain so really we have no say in that matter. We consider The Wonderful 101 an exclusive case.

At this point, there’s plenty of PlatinumGames goodness to enjoy on PS4, like Nier: Automata, the upcoming Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle, and the PS4 console exclusive Babylon’s Fall, which is still in development. And the PS4 is set to get The Wonderful 101 Remaster as it smashed through the backer stretch goal on Kickstarter.

Astral Chain came to Nintendo Switch in August 2019 and features an intriguing mix of fast-paced action combat with detective mechanics. It’s one of the studio’s most unique games, but you’ll have to play it on Switch, at least for now.

[Source: Video Games Chronicle]