The Last of Us Part II’s Nudity and Sexual Content Rating Descriptors Are a First for Naughty Dog

The Last of Us served as Naughty Dog’s first Rated “M” title; thus, it only makes sense for the sequel to take things up a notch. The Last of Us Part II is Naughty Dog’s first project to feature “Nudity” and “Sexual Content” descriptors in its ERSB rating. Evidently, the upcoming apocalyptic adventure will go down as the studio’s most mature game to date.

Content descriptors for “Nudity” and “Sexual Content” currently feature in the game’s ESRB label on PlayStation’s official website. Unsurprisingly, the “M” rating also counts towards the sequel’s language, violence, gore, and drug use. At the time of writing, The Last of Us Part II does not have a listing on the ESRB’s website. Such listings typically provide more context about the rating board’s decision, meaning additional details should surface in the coming weeks.

ESRB content descriptors for nudity in particular exist two-fold. The one for “Nudity” underscores “graphic or prolonged depictions of nudity.” The “Partial Nudity” label takes “brief and/or mild depictions of nudity” into consideration. Of course, we will not know what sets these two descriptors apart for The Last of Us Part II until the game launches in late May.

It is also worth noting that The Last of Us‘ rating did feature a tag for “Sexual Themes.” In the ESRB rating’s summary, Ellie’s joke about Bill’s porn collection receives direct mention. Part II’s ratings information indicate Naughty Dog has explored those themes much further this time around.

The Last of Us Part II will finally make its way to PS4 in a few months on May 29th. On June 16th, Dark Horse plans to publish The Art of The Last of Us Part II, as well as its recently announced Deluxe Edition. Both versions of the art book are available to preorder online.

[Source: PlayStation via DualShockers]