Find the Ashes of a Medieval Witch When Nascence – Anna’s Songs Hits Next-Gen Consoles Later This Year

Dreampainters released Anna, a psychological horror adventure game, in 2012 on the PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox 360. By the end of this year, the studio plans to launch a follow-up in the form of Nascent — Anna’s Songs. While it currently lacks a firm launch date, the new Dreampainters adventure is expected to land on PC and next-gen platforms, presumably the PlayStation 5, though specific platforms haven’t been confirmed. There’s a good chance that since Sony has yet to officially unveil the PlayStation 5, most developers aren’t yet able to confirm titles for it without approval. Godfall has been the only exception to that so far.

Check out the teaser trailer for Nascent — Anna’s Songs in the following video:

The original Anna centered on a man with amnesia who dreams of a nearby sawmill. Curious about its connection to his dreams and a woman named Anna who calls for him, the man visits the mysterious location. In exploring and solving puzzles, he learns of his strange past, which apparently involves deity worship, seduction, and murder. Much of the core story is shrouded in ambiguity, though, leaving a number of Anna’s larger questions up to interpretation.

Nascence — Anna’s Songs will take place in the same universe, though players should expect a more “streamlined horror experience.” With the follow-up, Dreampainters intends to expand upon the first adventure’s mythology, while additionally leaving things open for future installments. Nascence, then, represents a single chapter of Anna’s Songs, “a series of games that will explore the relationship we have with religions, organized and not.”

The plot of Nascence certainly seems as if it will follow through on the above promise. Thomas will serve as the protagonist, a man tasked with uncovering the ashes of a woman, Anna, who was killed for witchcraft during the medieval period. A religion derived from Anna’s execution, which somehow ties into the spreading of a disease. Thomas and the organization he works with means to obliterate the religion’s influence.

From the sound of it, Anna’s Songs will become an anthology series, perhaps something along the lines of Supermassive’s The Dark Pictures Anthology. Dreampainters has yet to tease details about future entries or their releases, however. It can be assumed that the follow-up games will release on PS5 as well.

[Source: Dreampainters via DSOGaming]