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Samurai Jack-Inspired Bloodroots Brings Ultra-Violent, Fast-Paced Action to PS4 Later This Month

Developer Paper Cult Games has been hard at work on Bloodroots for the last three years. Finally, the Samurai Jack-inspired action title’s release date is drawing near. Bloodroots will come to the PlayStation 4, PC (Epic Games Store), and Nintendo Switch on February 28th for $19.99.

Paper Cult announced the release date news alongside the following trailer:

Bloodroots‘ pop-culture inspirations span wider than Cartoon Network’s and Adult Swim’s Samurai Jack. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Paper Cult Co-founder Raph Toulouse describes the adventure as “Kill Bill meets The Revenant,” which certainly helps to explain its ultra-violent nature.

Bloodroots Release Date – Feb 28, 2020

At its core, Bloodroots is a revenge tale set in the Weird West. The fast-paced action follows Mr. Wolf, who was betrayed and left to die. Now he hunts down his killer in an effort to uncover the mystery surrounding his betrayal. He’s alone, though, and grossly outnumbered. Thankfully, the Weird West has no shortage of weapons, and Mr. Wolf’s skillful combos will give players plenty to work with along the way. In addition to combat, Bloodroots‘ makeshift weaponry will aid Mr. Wolf in navigating the sprawling landscapes, which include forested and mountainous levels.

Nick Suttner helped Paper Cult craft the title’s story. Suttner’s impressive resume features writing credits for other celebrated action games, most notably Guacamelee 2 and Celeste. An especially intriguing aspect of Bloodroots‘ storytelling is the presence of ghosts. According to Toulouse, the ghosts of Mr. Wolf’s previously slain enemies will appear at his campfire. While there, they’ll share stories of their past, giving players a more in-depth look at their backstories and the Weird West.

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