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PlayStation Community Forums Will Close Down Later This Month

There’s not much life left in the official Community Forums on Sony will shutter the forums later this month on February 27th. As such, that platform will no longer serve as “the official message boards of the PlayStation Community.” Instead, fans will have to virtually convene on either the PlayStation Blog, Twitter, or Instagram.

A post on the forums page from a PlayStation Support member revealed the news. The message is rather brief, simply reading as follows: “Beginning 27 February, the forums will no longer be available. We invite you to continue the conversation via PlayStation.Blog, Twitter, and Instagram.”

At the time of writing, Sony has yet to provide a reason as to why the Community Forums are being put out to pasture. However, it’s likely because the way in which fans engage with each other online has changed in recent years. Much of the discussion does take place on social media platforms. On Twitter, for instance, PlayStation boasts more than 17 million followers on its main account. Perhaps Sony receives data showing’s Community Forums no longer generates enough traffic to warrant the time and effort required to keep it going. itself, unsurprisingly, remains a priority. Earlier this month, Sony launched a PlayStation 5 page on the website. In visiting it, fans can sign up to receive updates about PS5-centric news. When said news will begin surfacing remains unknown. Just recently, a report emerged claiming that Sony is struggling to nail down a price for the new system. Despite CFO Hiroki Totoki’s alleged eagerness to share more about the console, there’s no information on when or where Sony will unleash fresh details.

[Source: via Twinfinite]