Tekken 7 Has Surpassed 5 Million Copies Sold, Series Overall Sits at 49 Million

As of December 2019, Tekken 7 has surpassed 5 million copies sold worldwide. The seventh entry in the fighting game series released for consoles and PC in 2017 and has been supported extensively by publisher/developer Bandai Namco since then. The Tekken series as a whole has reached 49 million units sold since the first game debuted back in 1994. It started on the original PlayStation and has seen iterations spanning all PlayStation home consoles. The series has also made appearances on iOS, GameBoy, 3DS, PSP, and of course, arcades.

Celebrating the milestone, Bandai Namco released new commemorative Tekken art (seen above).

These new sales stats come by way of General Manager at Bandai Namco Katsuhiro Harada via his Twitter page. You can see his tweet below:

Tekken 7 is the latest mainline entry in the series and has continued to receive updates even three years after its original release. One of its most recent updates included a new replay feature that allows players to view and study previous matches as a way to practice and improve. It also featured a nerf for the then-overpowered Leroy DLC character. Tekken 7 managed to become one of January’s bestselling games in the UK, thanks in part to a massive sale—outselling the likes of Grand Theft Auto V and Borderlands 3 for a short time in that territory.

Although an official sequel has not yet been announced, it’s expected that we’ll see yet another entry in the Tekken series on the PS5 at some pont. Until then, five million players can continue to enjoy Tekken 7 and all its additional content.

[Source: Twitter]

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