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Rumor: PC Version of Horizon Zero Dawn Appears on an Amazon Listing

After weeks of rumor and speculation, further evidence has emerged to suggest Sony will port Horizon Zero Dawn to PC. The latest bread crumb comes courtesy of a listing on Amazon France, which seems to have since become unlisted. Thankfully, a post on ResetEra features a screenshot of the PC version’s original appearance on the online storefront.

Check out the aforementioned screenshot from Amazon France below:

Horizon Zero Dawn PC

As you can see, the listing offers very little in the way of concrete details. Still, it shows that Sony Interactive Entertainment will indeed publish the Windows port of Horizon Zero Dawn, should such a project be in the works. All evidence certainly seems to support as much at present.

Earlier this year, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier corroborated previous reports about Horizon’s eventual arrival on PC. According to the journalist, three different sources “familiar with Sony’s plans” confirmed the PC version’s existence. Of course, Sony and developer Guerrilla Games have yet to verify the legitimacy of such claims. Consequently, despite the mounting evidence, this news should probably be taken as a grain of salt for the time being.

Shortly after the Horizon rumors began swirling about, another report from Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips hinted that Sony intends to port more than one PlayStation 4 exclusive to PC platforms. In a tweet on the matter, Phillips seemed to tease Media Molecule’s Dreams, which recently launched worldwide, is also in line for a PC version.

Both Horizon Zero Dawn and Dreams are in stores now exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

[Source: Amazon France via ResetEra]