Those Who Remain Comes to PS4 in May, Along With a Retail Deluxe Edition

Camel 101’s psychological horror game Those Who Remain was first announced in early 2018, a late 2018 release date attached. Obviously, such a launch didn’t come to fruition. The project is nearing its final stages, though, and Camel 101 now plans to unleash Those Who Remain on May 15th for the PlayStation 4, PC (Steam), and Xbox One. A Nintendo Switch version will go on sale sometime this summer. Those Who Remain’s digital edition will run customers $19.99.

A Deluxe Edition exclusive to retail is also in the works, though it will only launch for PlayStation 4 and PC. This edition of the horror game will feature a digital code for the prequel comic, Those Who Remain: Lights Out.

As is often the case, a release date trailer accompanied the above news. Check out the following video to see what terrors await in Those Who Remain:

Wired Productions is publishing the title for Camel 101, which centers on a sleepy town aptly named Dormont. It’s the kind of community that seems overly peaceful. Everyone knows their neighbor and trusts their fellow citizens completely. However, this level of camaraderie won’t keep the looming darkness at bay.

The player character, Edward, enters this community just as its split between reality and twisted terrors begin to merge. His life in turmoil, Edward is in the process of contemplating his choices. And choice, as well as consequence, apparently serves as an integral part of the Those Who Remain experience. In exploring Dormont, Edward’s sanity will be challenged at every turn. Every choice, each mystery solved, will take players on a branching narrative that ultimately determines Edward’s fate.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Camel 101 Co-founder and Producer, Ricardo Cesteiro, outlines two “defining mechanics.” For one, Those Who Remain’s darkened areas are off limits. Venturing into the darkness will see Edward instantly attacked by mysterious shadowy figures. Therefore, players will need to manipulate light to create safe paths of traversal.

The second key mechanic will present itself in the form of “the other place.” This mirror dimension will require Edward to navigate through a “twisted version of our own reality.” Since both dimensions affect one another, players may find themselves switching between the two in an effort to solve certain puzzles.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]