Godfall PS5

We Can Expect More Godfall PS5 News ‘Really, Really Soon’

Since its unveiling as the first PlayStation 5 game at The Game Awards 2019, new has been fairly thin surrounding Godfall PS5. Aside from the cinematic reveal trailer, we did a brief interview with Counterplay Games, but the studio has stayed fairly silent. That silence will soon be breaking as Counterplay and Gearbox promise more on Godfall “really, really soon.”

At Gearbox’s PAX East panel, Counterplay made a brief appearance to once again show the Godfall reveal trailer but stopped short of revealing any gameplay or new information. “We have more to tell you about Godfall really, really soon.”

Godfall is expected to be one of the titles at the long-rumored PS5 reveal event, though it’s also possible that Counterplay and Gearbox could reveal more about the game on their own. It’s unclear just what kind of agreements are in place with Sony and Epic Games (for its PC release via the Epic Store) that might preclude them from saying more until Sony can officially unveil the PS5. It’s also difficult to ascertain just what “really, really soon” means. To a dev who has been working on a game for years, it could still be a matter of months before any new Godfall PS5 information is revealed.

At this point, Gearbox is still scheduled to attend GDC 2020, despite many other major exhibitors dropping out. If the organizers continue forward with the show, it’s possible that Godfall could show up in some way. Gearbox has been known to show off technical demonstrations at GDC, even revealing Borderlands 3 long before the game’s official reveal via a talk on the game’s lighting and graphics.

Alongside the Godfall PS5 reveal last year, Counterplay gave us an opportunity to talk with them briefly about it. Earlier this year, gameplay footage leaked but was confirmed to be from a year-old internal dev milestone trailer. At that time, Counterplay promised more details “soon.” The only other Godfall news to come recently is a set of Godfall PS5 wallpapers showing off the game’s characters and this most recent promise of more “really, really soon.” Whether that comes along with more information on the PS5 or on its own remains to be seen.