Godfall Gameplay Leak

Godfall Gameplay Leaks, Unlikely it’s for the Presumed PS5 Reveal Event

As we approach February, everyone is expecting Sony to be gearing up for the PlayStation 5 reveal, and another leak hints that the event could be coming soon. PS5 console-exclusive Godfall was revealed by Gearbox at The Game Awards 2019. It was the first official PS5 game shown off, confirmed to be a launch title for Sony’s next-gen console. A leak on Reddit revealed some gameplay for the upcoming looter-slasher, albeit a very brief look.

[GodFall] [Video] – Combat Footage (A Fraction of the footage from an Unreleased Trailer I have) from r/PS4

The Reddit post says the six-second video is “a fraction of the footage from an unreleased trailer [they] have,” and shows off four quick sections of gameplay with various characters, enemies, and environments. It’s not clear if the footage is linear as it appeared in the mentioned trailer or fragmented and re-edited together to create this quick clip.

Some speculation says this could be from the trailer Sony plans on showing at its PS5 reveal event, but when pressed about it, the original poster indicated that the leaked footage is from an internal trailer from early 2019. Another user pointed out that the footage didn’t look next-gen, saying, “this footage clearly doesn’t show raytracing effects. Doesn’t look as if it even uses screen space reflections (the blue orb things don’t reflect properly in the water).” The leaker said that the gameplay is from March last year and lacks that polish.

Given the alleged age of the trailer, it doesn’t seem likely that this is a fragment of what will be shown at the PS5 reveal event, but it does call into question why the leaker decided to post this old gameplay footage now of all times. To get a look at more recent officially released gameplay footage, check out our interview with Godfall’s Creative Director, Keith Lee. That interview, while also going over how the game utilizes next-gen tech, has a gif showing off Godfall complete with raytracing effects and screen space reflections, much more indicative of what we’re likely to see at the PS5 reveal.

While we do still expect Godfall to show up at the PlayStation 5 reveal event in some way (being a launch title and all), the gameplay shown there will be much more representative of the next-gen technologies that Godfall will take advantage of.

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