Godfall Devs Confirm Leaked Gameplay is From Year-Old Internal Trailer, More Details Coming ‘Soon’

Yesterday, a few seconds of Godfall gameplay leaked on Reddit. The poster indicated that the gameplay was from a March 2019 internal trailer at Counterplay, and thus missing a lot of the important technical polish and visual features one would expect from a launch PS5 title. This morning, the full trailer leaked, prompting Counterplay Games to make a statement about the gameplay that was circulating, especially as speculation began rising that this was for an impending PS5 reveal event.

On the official Godfall Twitter account, the studio transparently confirmed that the leaked gameplay trailer “is year-old PC footage used as part of an internal presentation.” Studios will often put together trailers like this for the internal development teams, publishers, and others who need to remain updated on a project’s progress. They are usually not intended for external public release, being unpolished alpha builds meant to show off specific features or milestones, not an example of the finished product.

Counterplay also realizes that the leak is because people are eager to hear and see more on Godfall, acknowledging this by saying, “We are energized by your excitement and look forward to showing you just how far this game has come.” This statement hints that there has been a lot of progress made since the internal trailer was released. Given that Counterplay was hesitant to show off much gameplay at all with the game’s reveal at The Game Awards 2019, it stands to reason that a gameplay trailer from a year ago is not representative of what they want to show the waiting fans.

Finally, they sign off saying “Stay tuned for a more detailed look soon,” which immediately conjures up speculation that we’ll see more Godfall at the presumed PS5 reveal event next month. We had a chance to talk with Keith Lee from Counterplay about how Godfall will take advantage of the next-generation platform technology, which gives us some pretty good hints at what a more detailed look at the game might hold.