Dreams Creators Have Already Started Receiving Job Offers in the Games Industry

Media Molecule’s Dreams was in early access for quite a while before its official release, giving players the opportunity to learn the ropes ahead of the full launch. We’ve been sharing some awesome creations with our readers already, and there has been talk about turning content created in Dreams into full-fledged games.

In an interesting article published by The Escapist, a Dreams player who made the arcade shooter Blade Gunner revealed that he’s already received a job offer from a European developer. The creator, who goes by the handle Jimmyjules153, didn’t name the studio for obvious reasons but expressed his excitement over future prospects. He has no prior experience of programming or game development.

Speaking to The Escapist, Jimmyjules153 said:

The tools are beyond anything I could have imagined on any platform. I could immediately see the potential for what this game could become with a supportive community behind it. I didn’t expect the kind of support that my game received, but it makes me happy I was able to entertain so many people. There are some brilliant games on the front page, and it’s an honor to be chosen to be among them.

I was approached by a European game development company who asked me to join their team. I’m excited for the future and where this may take me!

Worth noting that Media Molecule itself has hired a number of Dreams creators to make content for the game on an ongoing basis. This isn’t uncharacteristic of the studio, which is known for hiring LittleBigPlanet creators in the past, some of whom later ended up at major video game companies.

As The Escapist puts it, in Dreams we will see the next generation of game developers.

[Source: The Escapist via ResetEra]