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Space Simulator Hardspace: Shipbreaker Will Bring Ship-Salvaging Mechanics to Consoles

Initially announced for PC via Steam, sandbox space simulator Hardspace: Shipbreaker is officially coming to consoles. While the Steam Early Access release is slated for an unspecified date this summer, developer Blackbird Interactive has yet to unveil exactly when Hardspace: Shipbreaker will hit the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

Check out Hardspace: Shipbreaker’s console announcement trailer in the video below:

Focus Home Interactive is publishing Hardspace: Shipbreaker for Blackbird Interactive, which it teased earlier in the year. This new sci-fi title from the Homeworld studio will put players in the boots of a professional Shipbreaker who works for LYNX–the galaxy’s foremost ship-salvaging company. Though supposedly rewarding, the player’s work will not solely hinge on a desire to do what’s best for humanity. Rather, the player-character is in debt to LYNX, 999,999,999 Credits worth of debt. Doing zero gravity salvaging work seems the optimal way in which to begin working off what’s owed to the megacorporation.

For LYNX, the player-character will purchase salving rights to valuable ships. The value will come from cutting each ship open and extracting lucrative salvage and other types of materials. Players will use cutting tools from the best tech LYNX has on offer, carving entry points and slicing into scrap metal, all in an effort to salvage a ship’s most valuable and lucrative components.

As time goes on, more profitable contracts will become available to the Shipbreaker. To accept such contracts, players will be advised to first unlock new perks, as well as upgrade their helmet, suit, and tools. Even blue-collar spaceship salvagers must spend money to make money, especially when it comes to debt owed to seedy space corporations.

[Source: Focus Home Interactive via Gematsu]