bloodstained ritual of the night roguelike

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Roguelike Mode No Longer Happening

Though a stretch goal in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night’s successful Kickstarter campaign, Roguelike mode is no longer in the works. To ensure players receive the same amount of promised content, Bloodstained creator Koji Igarashi has said the Roguelike feature will be replaced with another new mode–Randomizer.

Igarashi announced the news in a post on Bloodstained’s Kickstarter page. According to him, the Roguelike cancellation is due to compatibility issues. His explanation on the post appears as follows,

One of the promised stretch goals for the game was Roguelike. Unfortunately, the code that was created early in the game’s development is not currently compatible with this type of gameplay (especially a procedurally generated castle). Due to this, we regret to announce that we will not be developing Roguelike as part of the project’s planned stretch goals.

Randomizer, the free mode replacing Roguelike, will provide players the story campaign they’ve come to know and love, along with an added twist. In beginning a new game, players will have the option to choose upwards of eight game parameters, each of which should randomly impact the playthrough.

The following screenshot hints at what to expect from Randomizer:

bloodstained ritual of the night roguelike

Fans should not worry about the Randomizer feature potentially locking them out of progressing forward. According to Igarashi, the new mode has safeguards in place that ensure all items necessary to complete Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night are still obtainable.

Randomizer mode additionally features a seed generated upon a player’s making their selections. This seed can be used for reference or to share with others. Furthermore, the mode will roll out with a timer, tracking all of a player’s progress throughout their run.

These changes are slated to launch alongside the arrival of Zangetsu, a new playable character. However, at the time of writing, release date information remains under wraps.

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