Ghostrunner Reaches $8.2 Million in Sales, 505 Games Confirms Control and Bloodstained Continue to Sell Well

Digital Bros Digital Entertainment, the parent company of 505 Games, has released their latest half year financial report. In it they reveal Ghostrunner has reached €6.872 million ($8.2 million) in gross revenue since its release less than six months ago. Amongst the other games confirmed to still be selling well were Control and the Bloodstained franchise.

Ghostrunner‘s production costs of €2.5 million were recouped in a single day and the game had sold 500,000 copies during its first four months on sale. 505 Games recently purchased the Ghostrunner IP from previous publisher All in! Games and has since released a content roadmap detailing the new game modes, premium cosmetic packs, new bundles and the Ultimate DLC to come later this year. All of these should help the game’s revenue to increase during 2021.

Control added another €16.039 million ($19 million) in gross revenue over the last six months, primarily on Steam. The company’s figures show the game has managed to earn just under €60 million ($71.2 million) over its lifetime. Despite this, Remedy still doesn’t consider the game to be “a major hit” although they do concede they’re “really happy” with its success. Sales of the game managed to give the developer its best ever year financially despite not releasing a new game throughout 2020.

The Bloodstained franchise added another €3.293 million ($3.9 million) in gross revenue over the last six months. The latest title in the franchise, Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 was released in July and will have contributed the majority of that income, although Ritual of the Night has also been involved in numerous promotions during that period too. The latter was considered by creator Koji Igarashi to be the “starting ground for the next step” as he made the game into a series, so we can likely expect more content to come considering the franchise’s continuing success.

Other titles to sell well include the PC version of Death Stranding with €23.192 million ($27.6 million), Assetto Corsa with €8.969 million ($10.7 million), Terraria with €4.377 million ($5.2 million), and Payday 2 €.278 million ($2.7 million). The publisher still retains a stake in the latter despite selling the IP back to Starbreeze, but they won’t have anything to do with the upcoming Payday 3 as Koch Media has publishing rights to that title.

[Source: Digital Bros via ResetEra]